Before and After

We specialize in helping new clients sort out their existing telecom nightmares.

Fiber Optics

Our technicians have trained to perfect the art of terminating fiber; not even small details like dust covers and clean work areas are overlooked.


Keeping up with the expanding world of High Definition products and installation our clients can have peace of mind there equipment are in good hands when installed by our technicians.

Support Structures

Particular attention is paid to the requirements of relevant codes, standards and regulation when planning and installing support structures.

   For many organizations, the communications infrastructure is a dynamic entity that is constantly expanding to meet the demands of the business. Although every effort is made early in the design process to accommodate system expansion in a variety of potential scenarios, the occasional change is necessary. Wirecom Services can dispatch technicians on an as needed or regularly scheduled basis to assist with moves, add on or changes in your infrastructure.

   Our Move/Addition/Change staff knows the topologies of our client's network and there is little time wasted trying to figure out what previous technicians have done.


Our Support